2018 Programs

A summary of programs is provided below (for start/end dates and specific details click on the “Details” link below). Before going out on the water, all participants must be paid in full, sign a liability waiver and attend a club sanctioned safety training session. If you are unsure or have questions as to which program would best suit you, please contact us at: rowcoachholloway@yahoo.co.uk

To register for a program, click on the “Register” link below. You will be asked to set up an account with Rowing Canada if you are not already a member. When you sign up for the appropriate program, you will have to view and approve the waiver. Scroll down and click the appropriate box at the end. This will reserve your spot. Payment can be made by credit card online through your account on the Rowing Canada website . Alternately payment can be made directly to the FRC Treasurer using E-Transfer. If you have questions about registration please contact us at: registrar@frederictonrowingclub.ca

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$100 plus a once yearly $20 safety surcharge and $20 RCA fee (Total fee: $140). No previous experience necessary, but it is important that you can swim 50 metres, tread water for 15 minutes and be comfortable around water. Minimum 4 people per class is needed for a class to run. There is a program for LTR Adults 19 or older and LTR Junior Rowers ages 13- 18. Learn the basics of rowing, including safety, equipment, dock entry/exit, body movement. Focus is on Fun and enjoying learning a new sport. The Novice program is the next step after completing an LTR course (approximately $25 per week). Emphasis will be on improving your rowing and boat handling skills which will prepare you second year rowing and participating in our local FRC regatta and fun Pudding race days.

(Details Coming Soon)

(Full-time 3-5 non-coached sessions per week) $400 plus $20 safety surcharge and $20 RCA/RNBA fees (Total fee: $440)
This program is for experienced rowers 19 and older who just want to row in a safe environment. Coaching is not available although all sessions will have either a Safety Boat or Coach Boat on the water. All rowers will need to be accompanied by designated coach/safety boat operator. A limited part-time program (2 non-coached sessions) is available for $150 plus $20 safety surcharge and $20 RCA/RNBA fees Total fee: $190). This replaces the punch card system previously offered in past years for experienced rowers.

(up to 8 sessions per week) $500 plus $20 safety surcharge and $60 RCA/RNBA fee (Total fee: $580)

Masters and Seniors (ages 19 and up)
will select 4 of the 7 coached sessions available. Evenings will be crew focused- 8’s and 4Xs (some 2Xs). Athletes can then choose 4 more water sessions (these will have some form of coach/safety boat on the water, but there are no guarantees of actual coaching during these un-coached sessions).

All juniors sessions are coached in accordance with the club’s coaching schedule. Juniors the wishing to race at any point in the season should join this Junior Competitive Program, except for Juniors selected and invited to join the Performance Program. After Canada Games time-trials and team/crew selection, successfully selected athletes are required to upgrade to the Performance Program (+$150) for 12+ coached water/ land sessions.

(12+ training times) $650 plus once yearly safety surcharge of $20 and $60 RCA/RNBA fee (Total fee $$730)
Invited and coached by RNBA High Performance coach. Monday to Saturday 6am plus Sunday at 8am. Other training times will be arranged by the coaching staff.



AGE: Generally our programs are restricted to ages 13 and over. This is primarily due to a size/strength requirement of the participants. Rowers must be able to help carry the boats to and from the dock and be tall enough to use the equipment properly. We may be able to accept someone younger if they are bigger than average for their age.

FEES: Fees reflect registration in the National (Rowing Canada – RCA) and Provincial (Rowing New Brunswick – RNBA) Rowing Associations, which includes mandatory liability insurance. This will add $20 (Recreation) or $60 (Competitive/Performance) to your total fees. It is only paid once per year, regardless of how many programs you register for. The $20 safety fee covers annual maintenance and replacement costs of essential safety equipment, such as PFDs, whistles, anti-exposure suits, radios, blankets and pool rental for capsize and rower rescue training . The rest of the fees cover coaching, fuel, boat usage, equipment maintenance, and all the other cost associated with the running of the club. The FRC is a not-for-profit organization.

REFUNDS: We like to be fair and reasonable. We understand that things happen, but to protect our interests, we have the following policy. Refunds are available up to 10 days before the start of a program for which you have registered. Refunds will not include membership fees to Provincial (RNBA) and National organizations (RCA) as we are billed these fees as soon as you register for a program. We will also charge a $25 processing fee. There will be no refunds once a program starts.

WEATHER: On-water days lost to bad weather are a part of rowing and we will not refund money or offer make-up sessions due to weather-related cancellations. We will, however, offer you land-based training under these circumstances! Regardless of the weather there will be training, but we only row when it is safe to do so.